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Bobby here. Some say I am quiet, others say I am reserved. I say that I’m a nerd stuck inside of an athletes body. With B.S. in Applied Internet Technologies I will spend most of my life behind a computer screen coding away at exciting projects. One, because it’s my job and two, it’s my passion. However I get just as excited watching a website go live as I do watching the Houston Astros win the World Series (which is happening this year) or being on the hardwood playing basketball. The rest of my time will be devoted spending time with my beautiful wife…and coffee.



There is never too much knowledge one can have, which is why I am forever looking for ways to expand mine! I have my BS in Health Sciences from James Madison University and an MPH in Nutrition from Liberty University. I am a Wellness Coach during working hours, but my passion for health and wellness doesn’t end at 5pm. I am a fitness junkie who can instantly be won over with a new pair of Nikes or a jar of peanut butter. I’m about as type A as you can get, which is why I need a husband like Bobby to keep me sane. On my down time if I’m not at the gym, you will more than likely find me at the nearest local coffee shop sipping on a hot cup of their house blend (with my husband!)

Why We Blog

We want to use our words, hobbies and passions to inspire and encourage others to live a life of purpose. Our website consists of our blog as well as some of our favorite topics and hobbies. Our blog is primarily used to capture the every day musing of our little family and any other thoughts or topics we feel inspired to write about.

We believe in a life of purpose. We don’t want to be deceptive; we desire to be real. We want to provide a way for people to see that living a purpose-filled life is possible, whatever your passions may be.

We are not being paid to promote any business or company featured on our website. Our purpose of linking outside companies and businesses is to show our support for their services and inspiration.