I am finally getting around to putting together a post recapping our anniversary weekend and am already missing the sweet quality time we had away together just looking at these photos and trying to put in words all that we did last weekend.

We headed out around 9am on Friday morning hoping to get to the Smithsonian Zoo by lunchtime. I can say that traffic was very minimal the whole trip and for that, we wereextremely thankful (we don’t do well in traffic). Little fun fact: This was the first zoo I have ever been to (that I remember, at least). I know, how can a 24 year old be a zoo virgin? It’s true…

Our experience at the zoo was great! The landscape was beautiful and seeing such a variety of animals was so fun! My first trip to the zoo met the expectations I had in my head 🙂

We were able to make our way back through downtown D.C. to our hotel, freshen up and then headed out to Old Town Alexandria for dinner. There so were so many options to choose from in this quaint area and it was such a hard decision. We opted for Southside 815, a modern-Southern style restaurant with a great atmosphere.

After dinner, I got treated by my wonderful husband with a trip to Lululemon! This was my first time inside an actual store, although I have found myself browsing their website on multiple occasions. It was a dream come true (minus all of the price tags!) and I could have spent a paycheck in there had I no self-control…

I didn’t leave empty-handed though. I bought my very first pair of Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts!

We spent all day Saturday exploring downtown D.C.! We took the metro into the city and ended up walking 6 miles getting to and from different sites.

Our first stop was the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. We spent most of the morning looking & learning about just about every topic you can imagine. We saw everything from dinosaurs to mummies to really really expensive jewelry.

The Hope Diamond

Bobby is known for his “T-rex” arms…so this picture was more than appropriate.

In the last exhibit, we found the stone that my engagement ring is made of 🙂 Morganite! I would NEVER trade in my ring for anything, but could you imagine if that was the size of my stone?!?

After lunch we made our way over to the National Mall where we saw the White House, the Library of Congress, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. It was all so beautiful, but we were definitely sweaty during our walk!

We ended our anniversary weekend on a [very] sweet note by enjoying a delicious doughnut at District Doughnuts with a street-side view of downtown D.C. The picture doesn’t do these any kind of justice…they were incredible. Their iced coffee was amazing as well. (flavors: browned butter and fluffernutter)

It was a great first anniversary and I’m excited to see what other adventures we get into over the next 50+ years!