Coffee Shops

Some of our favorite spots

Stardust Video & Coffee

If you are ever in the Orlando area, you must check out this coffee shop. This is a coffee shop by day and bar/restaurant by night. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind place that you will never be able to find any where else. With walls lined with old books and movies to decorations that have been handmade and collected over time, this place creates a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy company. While there, we tried the iced coffee and their vanilla latte, both of which were delicious! Oh, and they have a photo booth that you HAVE to take advantage of.

Achilles Cafe

Don’t let the simple green “Coffee Shop” sign out front fool you from the eclectic atmosphere this gem has to offer. If you are in the Orlando area, this coffee shop is one to visit. With couch-lined walls, a dimly lit setting, and bookshelves stocked with board games and random books, this place is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. The cookies and cream blended iced coffee is a MUST. Bobby ordered this and we could have easily split a second one.

White Hart Cafe

This place is near and dear to us as it is not only the home of our church but is also where we got engaged. Located in downtown Lynchburg, the White Hart not only sells and roasts its own coffee, but serves incredible food. This business truly optimizes the definition of a local business. Live music makes a regular appearance and just adds to the welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. All of their food and coffee is amazing, but if you’re in the mood for something sweet be sure to check out their affogato.

Demolition Coffee

Over the course of commuting from Smithfield to Lynchburg over the past 3 years, this coffee shop is the perfect pick-me-up during the 3 hour trip. There has never been a time that this place isn’t crowded, which goes to show that not only is their coffee incredible but so is their food. From business meetings to casual get-togethers, this place offers a variety of food, coffee and comfort. I highly encourage trying the “Wrecking Ball” if you’re in the mood for fancy, but if you are in a hurry, the Americano is a favorite as well.


It goes to show that first impressions are definitely important. We have only visited this coffee shop once, and it was just a quick in-and-out kind of visit. When we go on road trips, coffee is a necessity…especially when traveling ALL THE WAY across the state of West Virginia. We made a quick pit stop in the capital of Charleston to find this super modern, yet extremely tiny coffee shop. It apparently used to be an old service station and was remodeled into an all-white, all-chrome applianced roaster and shop. Their vanilla latte and vanilla Americano were our picks that day and our standards were exceeded.

Java Java

Their description, “light music, comfortable, well designed,” is a perfect way of explaining the atmosphere that greets you at this coffee shop in the downtown mall in Charlottesville, Va. If you’ve ever visited the mall before, you know what I mean that it is love at first sight. This coffee shop fits right in and provides you with such a warm and relaxed feel. Whether you need to find a quiet study spot or (in our case) a day date, this place gives it to you. Their lattes and iced coffees are amazing!! The customer services is some of the best we’ve ever had and all of their pastries are delivered daily from local bakeries.

Lamplighter Roasting Company

Lamplighter coffee is one of the most well-known brands in Virginia. We have visited two of their locations in Richmond and both are our favorites. What we love most about Lamplighter is the quality of their beans. They are locally roasted and prepared and have such a rich, dark flavor. Another interesting facet about Lamplighter is that they have roasting classes throughout the year. We haven’t had a chance to attend any, but it is definitely on our to-do list.


There are multiple locations for this coffee shop, but the one we want to highlight is located in Harrisonburg, Va. I (Casey) spent 4 years at James Madison University and fell in love with Greenberry’s during my freshman year. It was located right off of campus, close enough to walk, and it is the home of many long days of studying, coffee dates with friends, life-changing conversations, and holds many memories for me. Shortly after Bobby and I started dating, I knew he had to experience Greenberry’s. He agrees the coffee was fantastic, but this place is more of a “Casey’s favorite.” Nothing beats a chai tea latte in October from this place.

Aroma’s World

If you are looking for incredible coffee and scrumptious food, you must check out Aroma’s. They have multiple locations, but our most frequented is located at City Center in Newport News. It not only fulfills your sense of taste, but it has such a warm and inviting environment both inside and outside. The outside seating gives you a perfect view of the City Center fountain, which is a prime people-watching spot if that’s something you enjoy. All of their specialty drinks are made to perfection, so we suggest you just try them all!

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

Located in a suburb outside of Charlotte, commonly known as NODA is this quaint & quirky brick building that won’t hold more than 30 people. Perfect for working, studying or just chatting with a friend, this place has a great atmosphere! I opted for an Americano with their house-made burnt butter pecan syrup and Bobby got a vanilla latte, both of which were outstanding. If you are in the Charlotte area, I would definitely stop by and grab a cup.