Our Engagement Story

A coffee shop proposal

With Saturday (the day before) being my actual birthday, I was pretty much done celebrating come Sunday. But my incredible (and persistent) boyfriend wanted an entire day to celebrate, just us two. Like any Sunday, we went to church together and then he took me to the typical “Liberty” Sunday date lunch at Doc’s. The plan for the day was to go paddle boarding at noon and then go out to dinner around 6. Adventure + food = our usual date.

The plan quickly erupted and practically shattered when we found out the place we were going to paddle board changed their hours. That sent both of us back home to just do our own thing until dinner. Frustrated from the paddle-boarding incident, I texted Bobby and told him that I wasn’t really up for going out to dinner. I had a lot to get done before the week started and I just wasn’t “in the mood.” Skipping ahead a couple of hours (and unbeknown to me, A LOT of panic on his end), I agreed to go out with him.

We went to a local restaurant downtown and enjoyed a delicious meal and a game of hangman on the kraft paper-covered table. He had told me that I wasn’t going to get my present until after dinner, so as soon as we walked out of the restaurant, I asked him if I could have my present. He said he wanted to give it to me when he dropped me off that night, so I figured…I have waited this long, what’s a few more hours? He talked me in to taking a walk downtown, promising that we’d make our way down to the ‘LOVE’ sign (that we have never been to…and have been in Lynchburg for a year).

We walked, holding hands, pointing out several restaurants downtown that still haven’t been marked off our list of local eats. Stopping in front of the infamous White Hart Cafe, he looks at me and says, “Remember how I told you to trust me?” (Referring to the timing of our future) and reached down and opened the door to the coffee shop. My mind (and heart) were racing a million miles an hour, knowing that he just opened the door to a coffee shop that had closed earlier that afternoon.

He held my hand and led me into a dark room, lit with candles, white Christmas lights, and decorated with my favorite flowers. From the pictures, you can piece together the next few minutes…



He captured everything I love into one timeless and unforgettable moment. Coffee, books, lilies, a hint of coral, and the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t nervous, he was excited and confident in the words he was saying and thepromise he was making to me and to our future. There was no doubt in my mind to say anything but YES to marry my best friend