Our first Fourth of July as a married couple was a success and I hope all of yours was as well! We had a wonderful 3-day weekend filled with family, food, and some quality relaxation.


Bobby and I enjoyed some extra sleep Saturday morning 🙂 We were able to get in a good workout before packing up and heading up to Gywnn’s Island for the day/night. We arrived at the island around 1pm and spent the majority of the day lounging around enjoying each others company. There was also a cute local parade at 4pm that day that we just couldn’t miss! (When I say local, I mean local) There were about 6-7 decorated golf carts and a handful of people on bikes that rode around our part of the island to show their American spirit! Dogs, kids, candy, red, white & blue EVERYTHING, and even grandmas on bicycles covered in streamers…it was quite entertaining.




We woke up Sunday morning to a constant drizzle of rain as we headed back home. The festivities continued though as we made our way to my parent’s house around 4pm to celebrate my cousin’s daughter’s 10th birthday. Despite the overcast weather, the kids still got in a good swim before having to come inside for pizza and cookie cake.


Monday was spent doing as little as possible as we just got some chores done around the house and finished cooking food for the week. It was a much needed restful weekend and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with the people I love most. Some days you just need to spent most of the day in your pjs and soaking up all the cuddles you can get from your husband 🙂

That’s what the Dixons were up to this past weekend! (And yes, I did manage to get a little sunburn being out on those rafts for several hours…)

What did you all do to celebrate the fourth of July? I’d love to see some pictures or hear about any fun festivities!