This post is pretty self-explanatory and won’t require much from me except some brief add-in comments. This is a continuation of my first post How the Dixon’s Meal Prep (pt. 1) and this is just to show you all a snapshot of how our typical grocery store trip looks.



Always, always, always plan out your trip to the store! This will save you money, time and prevent unnecessary stress. You have your baseline plan at this point, so now…buy what you will enjoy. Be sure to keep an eye on food labels, especially if you aren’t sure of their macros.

I found this grocery list over on More Space & Better Taste and have been using it for a few months now. Click on the image to print yourself a copy!







Some of my tricks: work your way around the perimeter of the store first – this should be 75% of your food (produce, meats, dairy). After you have made your way around the store, only go down aisles that contain the food you need. Strolling aisles aimlessly leads to buying unnecessary items and can be a temptation!

*And yes, my grocery store also has a Starbucks…so I usually enjoy an iced coffee while shopping!




A Peak In Our Grocery Cart
Grocery Trip


This is a totally optional step, but if you live in an apartment building (like we do) and have several flights of stairs to climb these bags make it SO MUCH easier to make that trip and we can usually carry it all up in a single trip…that is, if Bobby is there to help.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series, which will take you into our kitchen and see just how we prepare, store and measure our food out so that we are prepared for at least 3-4 days (if not more).

If you have any tips you have found work for you when going grocery shopping, please share in the comments below!