Having worked at the Vitamin Shoppe for 8 months and being involved in fitness and nutrition for the past several years, many people have asked me what kind of supplements I take. So I figured why not write up a quick blog to answer those people and possibly shed some knowledge about specific supplements you may have questions about.

Let’s start with the basic – a multivitamin. I whole-heartedly believe there are a few principle supplements that everyone should take, regardless of fitness goals or lifestyle. A multivitamin is meant to fill in any gaps that you may miss on a daily basis when it comes to getting in your needed vitamins and minerals. Just because you take a multivitamin (or any supplement) for that matter, doesn’t mean you can disregard the importance of a nutrient-dense diet. Supplements are beneficial to a degree, but they are just that…a supplement.

They do exactly what their name implies; they do not replace a healthy diet…they supplement what is already in place in order to get better results.

Second, fish oil. These essential fatty acids are needed for your body to work properly, so…take some! With the budget Bobby and I work with every week for food, it’s not realistic for tilapia to make an appearance in our meals. We may splurge once a month or so, but it’s not a regular grocery item. With that, it is critical that we both make sure we are taking our fish oil daily.

Lastly, a B-complex. This can be considered optional, but I think it’s super important, especially if you are failing to get all of your B vitamins in your diet. Most multivitamins have most (if not all) of the B’s in them, but usually not a 100% of your daily requirements. B vitamins are responsible for helping your body metabolize the nutrients from your food, which is kind of like a natural source of energy. Since taking a B-complex I have seen my energy levels increase, particularly in the afternoon hours.

So those are the basics…but as you can see, there are a few more bottles pictured above that I haven’t mentioned yet. These are optional and/or specific to my personal goals.

The photo on the left are 3 supplements I use either before or after my workouts (or both). I wrote a post a while back about BCAAs, which you can check out here. Glutamine and citrulline are two other amino acids that are good for muscle recovery and I can say that I have seen a difference since I began taking them! The last supplement I want to mention is a probiotic. This is the most recent addition to my regimen and I wish I had added it sooner!! For those of you who may not be familiar with what exactly this supplement does…here is a quick sentence summary. Probiotics put healthy bacteria in your intestines so that your body can better digest and absorb the food you eat. I am not lactose intolerant, but when my diet is super clean, I tend to get really bloated whenever I add yogurt to my diet. Probiotics have helped so much with this, and although dairy is limited in my diet at this point, it doesn’t make me feel bloated anymore!! Probiotics are great for those who may have digestive issues or any kind of sensitivity to certain food groups.

Below is a daily view of when and how much of each of these I take!

Feel free to leave questions and comments below, I’d love to answer any and all you may have!

Happy almost Friday friends!!