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I did a thing last week…and became a business owner! I officially launched Casey Dixon Fitness & Nutrition and I couldn’t be more excited about this decision. I’m by no means any kind of marketing guru and am just relying on word of mouth and simple social media outlets at this point, but I am excited for the potential this adventure could produce.

For those of you who may be interested in coaching, please keep reading. I wanted to give you a summary of my background in fitness and nutrition as well as why I decided to start this business.


I have been involved in the health and wellness “industry” since the beginning of my undergraduate degree. I earned my B.S. in Health Sciences from James Madison University and went straight to graduate school at Liberty University earning my M.P.H. in Nutrition. In 2013 I became a certified personal trainer through ACE and was training clients from 2013-2015 throughout graduate school. It wasn’t until working on my Master’s that I became interested in nutrition, specifically with athletes in mind. I was able to work with the Sports Nutritionist at Liberty during graduate school…helping with football, track & field, baseball, and some swimming. Having gotten this experience is what really lit the passion to continue to pursue  not only a personal journey in fitness and nutrition, but to help others with the knowledge I’ve earned over the years.

During my final semester of graduate school (January – May 2015) I decided to train, prep and compete in a figure competition. This is where my knowledge of nutrition and training was really heightened and I learned so much about my own body by going through 20+ weeks of training and prep. I competed in June 2015 and loved every second of it. I have not competed since, but am an in the process of getting my physique to the point where I am confident in stepping on stage again.

2015 OCB Sword of the Titan

2015 OCB Sword of the Titan

I recently switched personal training certifications (ACE to ACSM) and am in the process of getting Wellcoaches certified – this is mandatory for my full-time job as a corporate wellness coach. Wellcoaches has really opened my eyes to what “coaching” entails and has taught me so much in regards to successful lifestyle changes and what “good” coaching can bring to a client.

In addition to having my MPH in Nutrition, I wanted more in respect to being “qualified” to work with individuals who want to use nutrition to enhance their performance, physique and just overall wellness. So I recently just earned my certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and was so glad that I did. I learned so much and now feel much more confident in helping people reach specific goals unique to their lifestyles and body types.

Throughout this journey I have been all across the spectrum as far as “fitness” is concerned. During my undergraduate years, I was what is known as the “cardio bunny.” This was when I began to get more serious into running and over the course of 3 years, ran 3 half-marathons and tons of 5ks. I would sometimes venture over to the free weights or machines in the university gym…but I mainly stuck to the ellipticals and treadmills.

Fast forward to when I started personal training is when I started learning the benefit and importance of strength training. I began doing nothing but high rep, low weight circuit workouts and loved the “cardio” aspect of it. But over time I began to transition to where I am now…

I have been lifting heavy for almost 1.5 years and am in love with it. Some women have the fear that they will get bulky or lose their feminine appeal, and this is just not the case. You will MOST DEFINITELY not lose your curves, if anything…they will be more prominent. Ask my husband…he’s in love with my butt. And that, my friends comes from heavy squats, lunges, and lots of glute accessory work.

I spend lots of my free time researching and reading the latest findings in health and fitness as well as personally following a regimented program (both workouts and nutrition) even though I don’t plan to compete again until next year. It’s all about consistency and lifestyle. And that’s what I want everyone I work with to realize. I’ve personally experienced the lifestyle change, the needed discipline, the cravings, the setbacks….and it is still possible.

I plan on being as real with each of you as possible and in no way want to present myself as “having it all together.” I still have flaws and goals to acheive, and I’m on a journey…just like you in order to get there.

So to celebrate this new season of life, I want to give one of you a free month of coaching! You are free to choose whether you want Nutrition Coaching or Fitness Coaching and I will provide you will 4 weeks of coaching absolutely free!

All you have to do is comment below answering this question: What is your motivation? Why do you want to change or modify what you are doing now? What gets you up in the morning or what gets you into the gym? What makes you grab a healthy snack instead of a handful of M&Ms?

I will randomly choose a winner at the beginning of next week and will announce it both on the blog and my other social media outlets. Be sure to share this with family & friends!