Pre-Wedding Fun

dinners, showers, parties...oh my!

Bridal Shower

I was showered with so much love by my mom and bridesmaids for my December bridal shower! It was very classy with details that tied into the wedding theme. We ate, laughed and had a great time sharing memories and advice for marriage. My maid of honor planned a few games and gave the guests an opportunity to write Bobby and I advice in a beautiful leather-bound journal and also gave some fun (and entertaining) ideas for date nights.

After the bridal shower, me and the girls snuck down to Duck, NC for a few days to enjoy time together and have a little fun 🙂

Couple’s Shower

Bobby’s family threw us such a wonderful couple’s shower in June that captured the theme of our wedding perfectly! There were pops of coral and gold every where, a gorgeous (and delicious) coral cake, and everyone went home with such a cute favor! Each person could pick their own from a big selection of thrift store coffee mugs filled with chocolate! Between the two showers we were thrown, we had to make multiple trips just to get all of our gifts to our house. To say we were showered with love is an understatement.


Lingerie Shower

My maid of honor through me such a fun lingerie shower the Friday before my wedding. We had sugar cookies shaped like bras and thongs, finger foods, a delicious (and beautifully decorated) cake, and lots of scandalous apparel. The theme was “panties & pearls” and there were plenty of both to go around 🙂 We sat around laughing, sharing stories (from the already married women) and just having such a great time! Liz (maid of honor) had Bobby make a video answering a list of questions about our relationship. As we watched it, she stopped the video right before his answer and allowed me a chance to guess what he would say. Of the 8 questions, we had the same answer for 7! All in all, it was a great “last” girls’ night before I became a Mrs.

Bachelorette Party

After the lingerie party, my bridesmaids and I headed out for one last night of fun as single women. We headed over to City Center in Newport News, Va and grabbed some cold brew from Aroma’s and walked around the fountain for a bit just chatting and enjoying each other’s company. After finishing our drinks, we headed to a sushi restaurant and had a delicious dinner (and they may have bought me a mystery drink). We laughed, we ate, we laughed some more before heading back to Liz’s house for the night. It was a low-key night compared to most bachelorette outings, but my girls knew just what I wanted (and needed) and they delivered.

Bachelor Party

Well, the picture may tell you we had a crazy night where we had no idea what was going on, but our night was rather simple.  We headed over to Chesapeake to play some mini golf and then to Norfolk to have one of the best burgers at 80/20 Burger Bar.  And that’s about it.  I am not one for fancy or extravagant plans especially when I have to be the center of attention.  Maybe it wasn’t the craziest bachelor party known to man, but to me it was perfect.  I got to spend a night with some of the most important men in my life: my brother, brother-in-law, and one of my best friends.  Our conversations were fun and the time spent together was well appreciated.

Rehearsal & Dinner

Our rehearsal went as I would assume most rehearsals do. Two highlights of the rehearsal that are necessary to point out; 1) being reunited with some friends we hadn’t seen in a few months and 2) trying to take of Bobby’s (long) socks while we practiced the feet washing part of the ceremony. We had everyone, including each other, laughing at the struggle I went through trying to get his socks back on.

After the rehearsal, we all headed over to Wharf Hill Brewery in Smithfield, Va where the food and company were both incredible.