Many people have trouble staying on track while traveling. It is difficult…only if you aren’t prepared. Whether you are going on vacation, or in my case next week, on a work-related trip, all you need is a game plan and a way to transport (at least some) food with you on your trip you are good to go!

Next week I will be traveling to Wisconsin for work from June 19th – 23rd and will be staying on track 100%. How? Just like I mentioned above – I will be planning and packing some food to take with me and I will also be utilizing (for the first time) a meal prep delivery company to provide me with the rest of my meals while I’m there. As of now, I’m not 100% sure of what my macros will look like for that week, but I should know by Wednesday.

I plan to place my order with Macro Fuel Meals by Thursday so that my food is delivered to the hotel on Tuesday and I will be set for Wednesday and Thursday with meals. So it’s up to me to prepare and bring enough food for Sunday – Tuesday afternoon. If I have the time (this week is going to be a little hectic) I will post pictures and details of what I plan on packing. I plan to do my meal prep on Saturday and Sunday morning so that my food is as fresh as possible!

If you are ever in need of healthy meals while travelling (or just lack time to prepare them during the week) I highly suggest you check out Macro Fuel Meals. They have great variety and they list the macros of each meal on the container!

Happy Monday!