I’ve been asked several times what I eat and how I stay consistent with my meals. It all comes down to adequate preparation. Preparing your meals ahead of time leaves no room for grabbing something convenient out of the pantry, skipping a meal, or even unnecessary eating out. My meals are far from gourmet (Bobby can account for this) but they are clean, simple and versatile. A few simple staples every week can allow for variety in meals from week to week.

Here is our meal prep/meal plan for the next 4 days. Even with traveling Friday and Saturday, we will still stay consistent (and save money from having to eat out!)


As you can see, our meals are simple and pretty repetitive. The repetition works for us as we don’t mind eating the same thing every week…and it makes grocery shopping much easier. Variety comes into play with how it all is prepared. I utilize several different herbs and seasonings for our meats and even change the cooking method as well. Baked, pan-cooked, crockpot, roasted, broiled…it all comes down to time and preference!

There are two items on this plan that aren’t broken down by specific ingredients. One of them, protein oats, has already made its appearance here on the blog. The “salad jar” is pretty simple and is just as it sounds. I layer a jar to make a portable salad!

From bottom to top:

  • 1-2 Tbs. balsamic vinaigrette
  • 4 oz. shredded chicken (I make mine in the crockpot)
  • chopped veggies (peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers)
  • leafy greens (spinach, spring mix, romaine)

It’s easy peasy my friends!!! I’m all about fast, simple & PORTABLE.

My days differ from each other based on my carbohydrate intake for that day. My diet right now consists of carb cycling, which I will post about later this week, which means that some days I consume more carbohydrates than others.

If you have any meal prep secrets or tricks that work really well for you, please share! I’m always looking for a new recipe to throw in the mix. I’m not plain jane ALL the time 😉

Happy Wednesday friends!